Based in York since 1922, Ferrey and Mennim have worked from Orkney to Cambridge providing the full scope of architectural services, ranging from intricate solutions for the repair and alteration of complex historic buildings to the design of major new buildings. We are the cathedral architects for St Magnus’ Cathedral and Hull Minster as well as caring for over 180 churches throughout York, Leeds, and Sheffield Dioceses, carrying out quinquennial inspections, repairs and new improvements. We are fortunate in having worked with exceptional clients and craftsmen from across Yorkshire and the North of England to create and restore buildings with carefully crafted, modern detail.
Ferrey and Mennim are also extremely experienced in modern environmental design and in the education and residential sectors, our architects having designed award winning schools, housing and Passivhaus quality buildings. This wide range of experience and attention to the needs of our clients allows us to restore a castle, design a house, build a school or adapt a lighthouse. Why not talk to us about your project?

Architectural Design

We are award winning designers who pursue a contemporary, timeless architecture with carefully crafted detail. We are passionate about working collaboratively with clients, resolving complex issues, and creating long lasting, beautiful buildings for them.

Design Team Leadership

Generally we are the main point of contact for clients, leading a small, highly specialised team of consultants. On larger projects we have successfully led large design teams of consultants. For very specialised projects we are able to draw on appropriate consultants from around the country so that we always have the necessary range of skills.

Overall Project Management

We take great care to assist our clients throughout the project. This often includes identification of the initial project, close consultation with users, creating a design, raising funds, gaining planning/faculty permissions, site inspections, contract management and through to successful completion. Many of our projects are undertaken with traditional contracts where we carry out the contract management responsibilities during the site phase.

Recording and Surveying

We often carry out recording and surveying ourselves as a means of better understanding existing buildings. This enables us to become very familiar with the building, its construction and any defects, as well providing detailed surveys and condition reports for the client.

Quinquennial Inspections

As inspecting architects in the York, Sheffield and Leeds dioceses, we have in our care over 150 churches as well as two cathedrals. Many of these churches have been in our care for many decades which gives us extensive knowledge of the changes carried out to them over the years.

Defects Analysis

Our role as quinquennial architects gives us significant experience in long term analysis of defects. Often we can detect them at an early stage, determine the source, monitor and then advise on the appropriate remedial work. Our architects have knowledge of traditional, historic construction but also defects in modern methods of construction which, unfortunately, are becoming more common.

Repair & Refurbishment

We are able to undertake repairs and refurbishments necessary to maintain existing historic buildings, rectifying defects and adapting them for present day use. This work ranges from small stone repairs to large, complex, whole building renovations. Our knowledge of specialist contractors and craftsmen across Yorkshire and the North allows us to select the appropriate skilled hands to undertake the work.

Historical Research & Conservation Management Plans

On most older buildings we carry out historical research to ensure that our work has an appropriate relationship with the original fabric and does not detrimentally impact on its historical value. We are also experienced in continuing this research, consideration and consultation to develop Conservation Management Plans to inform the long term care of buildings.

Interior Design

As part of our architectural services we regularly undertake interior redecoration, lighting schemes, furniture planning, furniture design etc. so that the resulting building is cohesive and fully satisfies the client’s aims.